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We're working hard to bring sunshine to the lives of families who deserve it

Hands up if you are missing events? Yep, we are too. Here at The Chronicle Sunshine Fund events are integral to our charity. Not only do they generate substantial amounts of income, allowing us to carry on supplying wheelchairs, beds and hoist systems to children in our region, they also give us the opportunity to bring families together, make precious memories, raise awareness and reach more families in need. To say we miss them is an understatement and we know our families do too.

2020 saw the cancellation of much loved events like our iconic Sunshine Run, where hundreds of people gather on our Quayside each June and complete a 5k route, finishing in a sprint across the Millennium Bridge where crowds gather to cheer tired runners on across those final few steps. It really is a goosebumps moment. With so much uncertainty around mass gatherings still looming over us in 2021 we have been working hard to bring you a Sunshine Run 2.0 which will be safe while still giving runners that same experience that keeps them coming back to the event year after year. We are looking forward to sharing more details with you in the coming weeks so please keep your eye on our social media channels.

For many parents the new lock down means home schooling their children. I personally wish I had paid more attention in my own maths lessons as I attempt to navigate Key Stage 2 numeracy with our youngest son. It feels like a foreign language and many times I feel like he is actually teaching me and not the other way around…. Home schooling feels like a massive juggling act doesn't it? But for many for the families we support lock down brings an even greater set of challenges and anxieties as they shield to protect their vulnerable children and they can no longer access care or therapy sessions that they rely upon. With respite services canceled and schools closed, carers and parents can become isolated and overwhelmed with the enormity of caring for a child with complex needs 24/7, often with other children, home working and home schooling too. We are proud to support parents through our outreach and pre counseling support services and we will be resuming these from February. The equipment we provide is now more essential than ever, with our children spending all of their time at home its imperative that they can have access to safe equipment to meet their individual needs. We are exceptionally grateful to all for our wonderful supporters who have helped us during the pandemic as the demand for our services has grown faster than we ever could have anticipated. We know that this will continue well into 2021 as more new families turn to us for help and we remain committed to ensuring children in our region can live safely and comfortably and meet their own individual potential regardless of their circumstances.