If you are the parent or carer of a child with a disability, work with a child who needs support, or an organisation or school, you can apply for equipment through The Chronicle Sunshine Fund.

We support babies, children and young adults up until their 19th birthday who live in Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and County Durham, by funding equipment that is not provided by the NHS, local authority or any other source.  

To apply simply download all the documents in our application pack below. Please note all forms (Application and Data Release) must be submitted in order to be considered a complete application.


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Watch our video tutorials before or whilst completing your application form, or simply watch a specific video if you need more assistance on different sections of the application form.



For additional support in completing an application, receiving an update on an existing application or any questions, please contact Bev our Family Coordinator.

If you do not have the facilities to complete an electronic application form, please also contact Bev to request a hard copy to be posted out.

Bev Wright

Family Coordinator

Families and Applications Line

07593 298 541

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We have quarterly application meetings where equipment is approved by our specialist committee. For your application to be considered for an equipment meeting, it must be submitted with all requested documentation by the set application deadline.


Application Deadline: Tuesday 9th August

Equipment Meeting: Tuesday 16th August

Please note, all dates are subject to change. We will do our best to update you of any changes.

We welcome applications that have been written on behalf of families – by a professional or someone else who knows the family. Please note that the email address supplied will become the main contact.

Please be aware that once your application has been assessed by our panel; there is a possibility that additional information or evidence may be requested. If additional evidence is requested by the panel this must be submitted to us within three months of the email informing you of the panel's decision or the funding allocated to your piece of equipment will be withdrawn.  If additional information is requested, and submitted after the three month date, you will be asked to apply again with a new application form. 


We aim to fund agreed applications within three months of the decision being made at our assessment meeting. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to give specific timescales for funding until closer to the time. If you have a time sensitive request, please try to apply in advance of when you need to get the equipment; or if you have a very urgent request please get in touch with us

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to consider or fund applications from organisations including charities with an annual income greater than our own. Please refer to our annual report for our most recent figures.

"I've applied for equipment twice now and it was so easy both times. My Daughter's Occupational Therapist and Teacher supported the application and I just called the office if there were any questions I was unsure of, the team were great and took the time to listen about my Daughter's needs and our family. I would strongly encourage all parents to apply to The Chronicle Sunshine Fund, it's changed our lives..."

Debbie Clelland, Parent