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Sunshine Families
Equipment Testimonial

We would really appreciate yours and your family’s thoughts and feelings around how the equipment you have received from The Chronicle Sunshine Fund has changed your everyday life. Your feedback is incredibly important to us and may help us secure funding so we can provide more equipment for families like yours.

Please tick to indicate whether you grant permission for us to use your comments and photographs in the below ways:

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We'd love to hear your thoughts in any way you wish to share them. Things to consider including in your quote:

  • A little bit about your child's needs and challenges they may have faced before receiving their equipment from us.

  • How has the equipment changed your child's/ your family's every day life and how you use it.

  • Your experience of applying to the charity (level of ease, communication with our team etc.)

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Please Note:

  • Please contact should you wish to remove your testimonial from our database.

  • Quotes may be cut or edited however we always endeavor to use your testimonial word for word. 

  • We will never share the surname, address or contact details of a child.

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We really appreciate your feedback.

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