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To discuss opportunities...


David Wilson
Head of Charity
0191 201 6289

Could your organisation help our small charity grow?

Did you know...

The North East is one of the most deprived areas in the UK and that there is a direct and proven link between disability and poverty?


Many North East families are living without the specialist and adapted equipment their disabled or terminally ill children need because they simply cannot afford it.

That's where we come in

Here at The Chronicle Sunshine Fund we aim to provide equipment, family support services and inclusive events to ensure all children, regardless of their abilities or prognosis, can live safely, comfortably and have the chance to meet their own individual potential.


But we need your help!

That's where you come in

Your organisation can join our mission for free and help us make our region a brighter place for children living with complex needs and life limiting conditions.


Do you have a volunteering or CSR requirement? We can help you tick that box!


Perhaps you need some inspirational team building exercises to get your team bonding, moving and supporting a local charity too boot? We’ve got you covered!


Maybe your skilled team members could help us by donating their time and expertise to making our charity more efficient, better at income generation and marketing or helping us develop new projects to support local families in need? Ask us about skill sharing!

View or download our Corporate Support Pack:

Think you can help?

Please view or download our 'Corporate Support Pack' which has all the information you need about offering corporate support, which specific examples.

However you can help, we are grateful for your support and with your help we can make a real impact on the day to day lives of children in our region.

If you would like to discuss corporate charity support opportunities, be it over email, through a call, or over a cuppa, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at or on 0191 201 6289.

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