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Let's make it a spring of hope

So its officially spring now right? I mean the weather has been fab this week (Fab for the North East! Almost Tshirt weather…..), the birds are singing, everyone seems to have given up on the silly idea of their New year diet (Or maybe that's just Team Sunshine?!) and as I type and look out of my window, there are buds forming on the trees outside! Brighter days are ahead of us.

The first signs of spring signify something even more exciting for us here at Sunshine HQ, our next equipment round! Regular readers will know, November saw our biggest ever equipment round as parents, carers and organisations felt the devastating effects of the Covid 19 pandemic and reached out to us for help. We were honoured to supply wheelchairs, buggies, Communication equipment and even a home lift system to children who needed them. Our next application for equipment round is NOW OPEN, but hurry, your deadline to submit an application for consideration this quarter is 10th March. Our panel of dedicated medical professionals will then meet to assess each one, and the next round of funding will begin!

Then the best bit; we get to make the wonderful calls to our families, letting them know that their child's life is about to be a little bit brighter! It really is the best part of our job. If you would like to apply for equipment for a child with disabilities, additional needs or life limiting conditions, please visit our website and click on the Apply section, where you will find all the information you need to get started. There are a full set of FAQs available and some top tips, but if you need any extra support please email our Families Coordinator Rachel on

The Prime Minsters announcement earlier this week regarding the easing of restrictions in the coming weeks and schools reopening from 8th March has stirred mixed emotions with our families. While some are happy for a sense of normality and routine to return to their children's lives, others remain concerned about the potential risks reopening schools pose for vulnerable families. This week we have heard from parents with both view points and we appreciate that reopening schools and other educational settings poses more questions this time around. We want to send a virtual hug to all of our families and remind you all of our support and signposting services. Should you need us, we are here.

Spring is a time synonymous with new beginnings, change and growth, so imagine what you could change with up to £25,000 cash? This week we spoke to THREE time The Chronicle Sunshine Fund Lottery cash prize winner, Mrs H from Northumberland to ask her for some tips! “Ive been lucky enough to win the cash prize on TCSF lottery three times now since I started playing weekly just a few months ago! Its a great way to support children living with disabilities in our region and a bonus if you win too!” Congratulations to you Mrs H and good luck to all our players for this Saturday’s draw! Don't forget, you can join our lottery from as little as £1 per week. Its so easy to sign up and you can cancel at any time. Head over to our website for full details.

Thank you for checking in. Stay safe and well Sunshine News Readers.