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Getting back together again

Hi Sunshine News readers,

We hope you’ve all been enjoying the wonderful weather and the first week of the summer holidays! Usually, the summer tends to be quieter for us before we prepare for our Autumn season of fundraising with the GNR, Halloween and our annual ball but as restrictions have lifted this week, we’ve been super busy with planning upcoming events and campaigns. We’re certainly not complaining as it keeps us out of mischief!

We’re incredibly excited that we’ll be hosting our first Sunshine family’s event in almost 2 years in August at the Better Leisure Centre and Trampoline Park on the West Road, Newcastle.

We’ve missed our families so much and so we’re counting down the days until we get to see them again in a relaxed environment when the kids can just run around at the soft play and trampoline park. We’ve been working closely with George the Centre Manager who has been fabulous at ensuring our children and their families can enjoy the event safely whilst having ample free parking and disabled changing facilities. It’s amazing when we work with organisations who share our ethos and go above and beyond to ensure a positive experience for our children and understand their needs. If you’re a family we’ve supported or are in the process of supporting, make sure you’re following our exclusive ‘Sunshine Fund Families’ Facebook page to find out about the event and to register your child.

We’ve had some lovely email updates from families this week as they’ve had their equipment delivered from our May round which we’ll be sharing with you soon. This summer we’ve funded some all-terrain buggies and accessible play equipment which is perfect timing for the summing meaning our families will be able to get out and enjoy the lovely weather.

We had a very exciting email come through this week from our Patrons Ant and Dec with some special videos for us to share. Check out our Facebook and Instagram @sunshinefund to see what the boys had to say. It’s still so lovely to know that even after all this time, Ant and Dec are still proud supporters of the charity and recognise the importance of the work that we do in our region.

As always, we still need your support so please give us a follow on social media and donate if you can by visiting our website,

Have a great weekend,

Lauren x



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