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Mother and daughter trekkers take on the Cheviot Horseshoe

Hi Sunshine News readers,

It’s Team Sunshine’s resident Bear Grylls, more amply named Bear Frills, here to update you all on our very exciting 2023 Trek Campaign!

This year, we have a team of 24 thrill-seeking (potentially crazy) trekkers taking on the Lakes 3000s Challenge, which was our fastest selling trek ever, during which we will summit 4 of the highest peaks in the Lake District all within 12 hours! This challenge is no easy feat; our trekkers will need to be at peak (See what I did there?) physical fitness to take on this challenge and thanks to our friends at The Gym Group, they’re right on track!

Rick and the team at The Gym Group have supported The Sunshine Fund for two years now, promoting the charity to their members across their gyms throughout the North East, supporting us through Christmas Jumper Day and even warming up our runners at last year's Sunshine Run. They have been avid champions of our trekkers and their training journeys by generously donating gym memberships for our Adventurers and pushing them to their limits with weekly training sessions and challenges, like their upcoming Row-a-Thon!

Kyle, assistant manager at Gym Group Newcastle East said, ‘We at The Gym Group Newcastle East have chosen to support The Chronicle Sunshine Fund as we really believe in the work they're doing. They are not only a local charity, but a charity who support children and young adults in need.

This is our second year supporting this great charity and we are looking forward to working with them in years to come! Within our gym we have planned a Row-a-thon, a 118,000-meter row, on 24th February, to assist in raising both funds and awareness for the Sunshine Fund."

But The Lakes 3000s isn’t the only trek challenge our team will be undertaking this year! A number of our trekkers will also be taking on the Cheviot Horseshoe, to complement their training programme and to support the fantastic mother-daughter duo, Kerry and Lauren, as they take on the challenge.

Lauren and her mum Kerry have regularly worked with and supported charities for over 5 years and regular readers will recognise them from supporting our events as volunteers, fundraisers and cheerleaders since 2019. Lauren is a pageant girl and currently holds the Miss Galaxy 22 title and competes for the title of Miss Galaxy UK in March 2023. We are all rooting for her!

Kerry said: ‘Lauren and I are so passionate about supporting the Sunshine Fun because we understand what it is like to be a family waiting for an important piece of equipment. In 2015, I had a fall and needed spinal surgery to release trapped nerves that were compressed as a result. I had to use a wheelchair for getting out and about and unfortunately, the one provided wasn't suitable’.

Lauren has decided to focus her Miss Galaxy fundraising campaign on The Sunshine Fund as she ‘understands how much small, local charities need support now more than ever following COVID and the current cost of living crisis’. Lauren said: "I hate to think that children are missing out on equipment they need to improve their lives. My mum and I aim to raise as much money as possible for The Sunshine Fund and the families they support."

Lauren and Kerry’s trek challenge comes alongside the launch of Lauren’s new campaign, #authenticallyme, where Lauren talks about her pageant platform and the message she wants to share. Our Lakes 3000s Trek is SOLD OUT, however, if you would

like to be added to the waiting list or our mailing list or next year’s challenge, get in touch:

Erin x



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