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Exclusive Chillingham Castle Scarefest experience is launched

Hi Sunshine News readers,

We are ridiculously excited to be able to launch our brand-new challenge event with you this week!

It’s something we’ve kept under wraps for months but it’s now time to share with you that our Chillingham Castle Scarefest EXCLUSIVE experience will return on Sunday, October 23 2023.

Last Autumn we headed up to Chillingham castle with 12 brave Stagecoach North East drivers to undertake a chilling overnight challenge in one of the UK’s most haunted buildings.

It was such an iconic and special experience for everyone who took part and we’re thrilled that Sir Humphry and the castle team have invited us back for another hair-raising night!

We will once again be joined by some of our loyal friends from Stagecoach, who will be dressing up and collecting on their buses on the lead up to the challenge to fundraise for our kids, but this year we are opening this once in a lifetime, unique experience, to our supporters across the North East.

In 2021, we spent the evening learning about the history of the castle and some of spirits that haunt the rooms and corridors. We believe we were lucky enough to communicate with a few of the resident ghosts with several members of the group having chilling experiences leaving them with goosebumps.

We had exclusive access to some of the rooms in the castle which have the most reports of ghostly activity including the Chapel and Oubliette Dungeon, where some of our challengers bravely spent time alone!

A midnight stroll through the witch woods, graveyards and walled gardens left us chilled to the bone (quite literally, it was a nippy November night!) but quite obviously, also left us wanting more as we return in time for Halloween this year!

If you’ve a believer, a sceptic, a ‘long time listener’ of Night Owls, or a die-hard Most Haunted fan, we want to hear from you to register your interest to take part in this year’s challenge.

We will be joined on the night by North East Mediums, Hayley Hope and Karen Dawson who will guide us throughout the evening, hoping to capture spirit evidence and interactions with our challengers.

Hayley is thrilled to be involved and said, “I feel so privileged to take part in this event, knowing that it will help to make a difference to the lives of so many local disabled children and their families”.

If you’re interested in taking part, simply visit our website for more information on how to register.

Whilst this is a fabulous opportunity to visit one of the most haunted buildings in the UK, it also is an opportunity for us to fundraise for disabled children in our region, who are desperately waiting for specialist or adapted equipment that will change their everyday lives.

We ask that every participant raises at least £300 which will support us in urgently funding the equipment for children on our waiting list. If you’re not scared of the prospect of an evening at Chillingham, then fundraising shouldn’t scare you either!

We’re here to help you every step of the way and know that your family, friends and loved ones will likely throw sponsorship at you if they know you’re spending a night in a haunted dungeon …

This year, we’re also taking along our Charity Director Siobhan, who is absolutely petrified of the supernatural so even if you’re a sceptic, it will be fun to take part just to laugh at her!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lauren x



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