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Welcome Bev!

Hi Sunshine News readers,

Whilst we’ve been busy sharing family stories and updates of our upcoming events, behind the scenes there have been a few exciting changes in our team.

We’ve welcomed some new team members to Sunshine HQ and this week we wanted to introduce you all to our new Families Coordinator, Bev Wright, who joined us in early July.

Bev will be with us for 12 months as she covers maternity leave for Rachel, our current Families Coordinator.

Bev attended the Gateshead PFC Family Fun Day at Dunston Activity Centre on Friday last week to meet vice chairs Boe and Amanda and some of the family’s they support, to tell them about how they can apply for equipment from us.

She also met local health and authority representatives to talk about how they can pass on our information to their networks, plus, help applying parents and carers by providing supporting letters.

Events like this have always been a great way to engage with more families and grow our reach to ensure that as many local children as possible can have access to our charity and services.

Some other lovely news this week, we received an update from a family who recently received their equipment and have put it to good use over the summer holidays.

Eight-year-old Hope has Ohdo Syndrome which is a rare genetic disorder, she also has Global Development Delay which means she requires care and support for all her personal care, feeding, mobility and speech.

Hope’s mam Michelle said: “Hope is unaware of any danger and has little understanding. Her journey has been slow, but it makes those milestones that bit more amazing when she achieves them.

"She is gaining more independence each day and has come such a long way in her walking.”

Hope is the youngest of three girls, she has two older sisters, Megan (16) and Molly (14) who are a great support to Michelle with caring for Hope, but it has been tough for them over the years as their younger sister has needed more time from their mam for her care and physical needs.

Holidays have always been an important way for the family to relax and enjoy some quality time together but Hope recently outgrew her travel cot meaning she was unable to stay away from home without a safe place to sleep.

This year, we funded Hope a travel safe bed, so that she can once again enjoy time away with her mam and big sisters.

The bed had its first trip this summer to Blackpool, where Hope was able to sleep safe and sound.

Michelle said: “This makes such a difference; it means Hope is safe and comfortable. She slept really well in it. It means I can sleep well too knowing she is ok, so we are all fresh for the next day.”

Being able to have a staycation this year has been a lifeline for families to enjoy some time away from the same four walls we’ve been confined to during the pandemic, but for many of our families, it’s not quite as simple as finding an idyllic seaside location or a caravan park with the best parks and entertainment.

Our families have so many other factors to consider when booking holidays and respite trips, so we couldn’t be happier to know that Hope and her family could finally go away again to make some special memories.

It’s your donations that make a real difference, so if you would like to help children like Hope, you can visit our website to see how you can support and donate.

Have a great weekend,

Lauren x



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