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True Colours are shining through

Hi Sunshine News readers.

We are almost half way through February which means lighter nights, warmer days and hopefully less restrictions are on their way! The new vaccine developments are providing welcome news for our families who have experienced lengthy periods of shielding and reduced services as well as feelings of isolation, uncertainty and loneliness. Its still a very uncertain and worrying time for parents and carers with a child with complex needs or a life threatening condition. We are sending lots of love to our Sunshine Families this week as always.

Today's column has been written by one of our brand new education and support partners, True Colours Theatre Foundation’s, Ali Taylor. We are excited to start working together on projects such as learning resources for our families, family and partner events and outreach sessions. The Chronicle Sunshine Fund exists to supply children and young adults with disabilities with the equipment they need to live safely, comfortably and have the means to reach their own individual potential. The Covid19 crisis has helped us to develop new services and expand existing provisions to meet our families needs and make sure we are providing the care, information and support they want especially during times of crisis. That's why we think working with True Colours is a match made in heaven!

Siobhan x

Over to Alisar!

Hi, I’m Alisar, the founder of True Colours Theatre CIO Foundation. The inspiration for True Colours Theatre came from my niece Emily - Kate who was diagnosed with Tuberous Schlerosis as a child. She inspires me every day and we are all so proud of her. Emily has 2 tumours in her brain and others around her body, she also has autism and epilepsy from her condition. As Emily grew into the beautiful and intelligent young lady she is, I realised there was a need for inclusively within the performing arts sector to and wanted to create a safe place where children and young adults could grow in confidence without any stigma or difference, a place of acceptance where friendships could grow....And True Colours was born! True Colours Theatre is a magical place where every moment we share with our families is a true honour. Our members have various needs ranging from anxiety, mental health, confidence issues, autism, ADHD, complex and life limiting conditions to children recovering from serious illnesses. Many of the children who attend have been supported by The Chronicle Sunshine Fund at some stage, either personally or through the schools they attend. Before the pandemic, we visited children in palliative care and medical settings and put on shows to create magical memories for them and their families. Like our friends at The Chronicle Sunshine Fund, we believe that family time is precious.

During the pandemic we have been running sessions, when it was safe to do so, and if not physically, doing daily online and virtual support, challenges, family activities and learning. We have also been providing live singing and signing sessions on our page and website for everyone to join in with to bring some happiness during lockdown and have even created some of this content specifically for Sunshine Families to raise a smile and a giggle. We have also teamed up with Spectrum Holidays who have been making beautiful home learning packs and social stories too so that the children can feel safe and understand what is happening in the world in a way they can understand. We are looking forward to sharing these with Sunshine Families. We have also just secured a base for our families in North Tyneside and extended our classes and services to Gateshead in new venue. We are looking forward and so excited to be working in partnership with The Chronicle Sunshine Fund as we feel we have the same beliefs, that we want to make a difference and help the families we support as much as we can. I believe that together we can do so much and make a difference to so many families in our region.

Ali, True Colours