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Princess Belle visits Blaydon

Hi Sunshine News Readers,

It’s Erin here, I’ve not written a column in a little while and as I’ve got the most to share this week, we thought it best that you hear from me!

This time last week, I was at Blaydon Morrisons dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast raising funds for the GNR. I was warned when I took this job, less than 12 months ago, that once I became a fundraiser I would quickly realise that I would do anything it takes to bring in fundraising to support our amazing kids and wow, did I realise that last week!

I was joined by Bev and Lauren throughout the day who seemed to miss the fancy dress memo but jokes on them as I got way more donations in my bucket! Special thanks to Once Upon a Tyne Entertainment for loaning us the costume!

Thank you so much to Ragen at Blaydon Morrisons for welcoming us to her store, it was lovely to meet so many supporters and hear about how we’ve helped a child in their family or a friends relative and even a next door neighbour! It really puts into perspective the difference we make as a charity in our region when we meet so many people who know what we do and hear of the impact it has had on so many young lives. Thank you to everyone who said hi and donated.

This is actually my very first GNR and I couldn’t be prouder to be taking part with Team Sunshine. I completed my very first trekking challenge back in May with the charity too, the Yorkshire Three Peaks, and I’m a big believer in leading by example so that I can speak from experience when I encourage and support our Great North Run team members.

I know that fundraising can be tough but I’m here to support all of our runners to help them achieve something amazing and be a part of making a difference to the lives of local children living with disabilities an additional needs. It’s not too late to join Team Sunshine if you have a guaranteed ballot place in the GNR this year, just drop me an email so that I can arrange to send you one of our team vests.

Our GNR team is once again sponsored by our kind friends at True Potential LLP who also have also entered a whopper of a team to run in support of our children and their families. One runner taking part for the third time for Sunshine Fund is Esher McAusland who is hoping to smash her 2-hour target.

Esther, who works as Group Executive Assistant at True Potential, says the atmosphere on the day is what keeps her going: “The support you get along the way with the crowds cheering you on really makes such a difference as well as seeing runners of all backgrounds and abilities giving it their all – it really spurs you on.”

“I’m really proud to be one of the True Potential team running for the Sunshine Fund. They make such an important difference to so many people’s lives to help them reach their own potential so I hope we can raise a lot of money for them and have some great fun over the whole Great North Run weekend.”

I feel like Esther is a lot more confident than I am to take part but I’ve been told by so many people, like Esther, that the atmosphere and crowds are electric so I know that will give me that extra push when I need it.

Next weeks column will be dedicated entirely to GNR and wishing all the wonderful adults and children the best of luck in their races across the GNR weekend!

Erin x