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We have an Amazon Wishlist

Hi Sunshine News readers,

We hope you’ve had a good week and have managed to stay safe in the sun?

Typical Brits, we spend months wishing for warmer weather and then when it’s finally here we can’t cope and complain it’s too hot! (Also typical for us to start off a conversation with the weather!)

Summer may seem like a quieter period for the team on the surface as our events and campaigns take a break whilst everyone is on holidays and annual leave however under the surface we’re paddling away like ducks.

The reality is, while we have a waiting list for equipment for local children who desperately need it, fundraising never takes a break.

Plus The big man in the red suit will be here before we know it!

Last week we launched our Halloween challenge, the Chillingham Castle Scarefest which is taking place on Sunday, October 23.

If you’re interested in joining us and being a being a part of this unique and exclusive, hair raising experience, please visit our website for more information and register your name by the end of this month.

Two weeks ago, our friends at St James’ Square Law Firm invited us to their annual Charity Karting Event at Karting North East and challenged us to enter a sunshine team and compete in the race.

Now, it’s worth saying that none of our team were hopeful of victory given Erin is still waiting to book her driving test and according to the rest of the team, my driving is questionable at the best of times and so we knew we were going for the fun of it.

As predicted, our team came last with Erin being pulled off the track for dangerous “slow driving”, it was only Bev who stood any chance of earning us some points.

Despite not lifting the trophy on the day, we were still winners as Paul Monaghan,

Managing Partner at St James’ Square Law Firm, presented us with an unexpected cheque for £10,000.

There were tears, a lot of them, mainly from me, but the reality of this cheque was overwhelming as we now have a waiting list for equipment.

Needless to say, this will support us hugely in helping our children and ensuring the charity can keep supporting the North East.

Last week Amazon celebrated Amazon Prime Day where members can access special one-time-only deals but it also gave us the opportunity to promote our brand-new Equipment Wish List!

This is a completely new way of fundraising for us but it allows our supporters to browse some of the outstanding equipment on our list that our children are desperately waiting for and gives them the opportunity to purchase specific items which are delivered directly to the charity.

We know how important transparency is as a small local charity and with much of the North East tightening their belts financially, this is a great way people can donate and see what they’re buying and know the direct difference it will make to the life of a children with an additional need or disability.

A lot of the equipment we fund is specialist or adapted meaning it can be costly and so the items on our Wish List range from £10-£500, making them more affordable to fund outright.

We would love to see groups of businesses come together to fund the larger items.

You’ll also find a lot of IT and sensory equipment on the list which we bundle up for our children to offer them a bespoke package to meet their individual needs. If you’d like to find out more about our Amazon Wish List and purchase an item from it, please just drop me an email, or click here.

And finally, happy Summer holidays to all of the wonderful school and teaching staff.

This is one point of the year where we’re particularly jealous of you (mainly the abundance of wine and chocolate you will receive!) but we know it’s well earned so be sure to put your feet up and relax!

Have a great weekend,

Siobhan x