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It's important for us all to reach out for support

How has your week been? Those of you who follow us on social media will know that we are all about cake here at Sunshine HQ and that our Digital Fundraising Manger Lauren has tasked us all with a Great British Bake Off style challenge for the next few weeks. This week it was the turn of our Families Coordinator Rachel who sought the help of daughter Mabel as mini sous chef and chief taster! Rachel and Mabel made some delicious looking treats sparking a debate both here and on line, butterfly or fairy cake? We will let you decide!

Last weekend individuals, groups and organisations from all over the world came together to talk about and raise awareness of World Mental Health day. The theme this year was ‘Mental Health for All’ and being a charity who champions inclusion and diversity we were pleased to see underrepresented and often marginalised groups having a voice and speaking about their experiences, what good mental health means and why its so important to talk. Being a part of The Chronicle family we are very lucky to have access to a Well-being Champion, the fabulous Caroline, who is always there to listen. Caroline is a point of contact for all staff members and provides our team with a listening ear and a warm hug when we need her, she also runs well-being sessions and provides information on available resources.

Caroline says

“I believe mental health is just as important as physical health. I'm keen to break down stigma and normalise conversations around mental health. Now more than ever it's vital that people have a safe space to be listened to and heard without any fear of judgement. Help and support is available and no one should have to struggle on their own. I want people to know that it's perfectly ok not to be ok, talking really helps. Taking that first step to reach out to a friend, colleague, family member or to a specialist organisation can be so daunting but it's the best step you will take. To be able to use my training and life experience to help others is a great honour.”

In light of the new restrictions for the North East region and so much uncertainty as we look to our futures, it’s more important now more than ever to reach out for support. The national organisation, Mind, have a wealth of resources available which you can find on line and they even have a help line which you can call. Don t suffer in silence.

Finally for this week, we want to let you know that our wonderful panel of medical experts will meet again Mid November to review the next set of applications for equipment. If you are a family member, teacher or carer of a child who you think would benefit from a piece of specialist or adapted equipment that cannot be funded elsewhere, please get in touch via email with our Families Coordinator Rachel who will be happy to help!

Stay safe and well

Siobhan x