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A very special column dedicated to one of our Sunshine Children, whose family organised a tribute raising £1,351 in memory of their happy, adventurous daughter

Hi Sunshine News Readers,

This week’s Sunshine Column is a little different, as we dedicate it to one of the incredible young people we had the pleasure of supporting: 16-year-old Nieve Flint, who sadly passed away on April 10. Through an incredibly difficult time, Nieve’s family, friends and peers all came together to celebrate her life, and share memories of the wonderful time they had with her.

Nieve’s funeral took place on April 26 at Mountsett Crematorium, followed by a celebration of her life at South Causey Inn. The packed room spoke for itself, and was simply evidence of how loved Nieve was, and how many lives she touched.

Nieve sadly passed away on April 10

Our family co-ordinator, Bev, was one of many in attendance, along with people from all aspects of Nieve’s life; family, friends, schoolteachers and community nurses to name a few, and the day truly was about celebrating the joyous young lady she was.

Nieve was born with Retts Syndrome, a profound disability, and although she was non-verbal, could communicate very well and made sure everyone knew whether she wanted you or not! People that knew Nieve knew that she was a ray of sunshine; her mam and Dad, Kristine and Daniel, said that “her smile lit up a room”.

The Flint family were incredibly outdoorsy and Nieve lived an amazing life full of adventure with her parents and her 11-year-old sister, Josie, who was her best friend. Whether they were out camping, paddle-boarding or exploring nature, they created long-lasting memories, and she will always be remembered as a happy young girl who loved living life to the full.

Nieve with her 11-year-old sister, Josie

We had the pleasure of funding several items for the Flints throughout the years, equipment that ‘changed their lives’ and allowed Nieve to reach her full potential. For example, just before the pandemic, we funded the family a through floor lift for their home, to make their daily lives easier and more comfortable. We also funded a specialist hydro bath that provided Nieve with lots of enjoyment, as well as therapeutic benefits.

While going through this difficult time, Nieve’s family chose to give back to the community, so that other children with disabilities, additional needs and terminal illness can live in comfort, helping ease some of our families challenges and support our children to reach their full potential, maybe to access the same opportunities that Nieve did and discover the outdoors, with the help of life-changing equipment.

At the funeral, the Flint family collected donations for The Sunshine Fund, as a tribute to Nieve’s life and so that we can continue to break barriers to allow babies, children and young people in the region to live their lives to the full, just like Nieve did. We were astounded by the incredible generosity, as the collection raised an incredible £1,351, which highlights just how much impact Nieve’s life had on others. Thank you to everybody who contributed towards the collection.

Nieve was a ray of sunshine to everyone that knew her

We’d like to thank Kristine, Daniel and Josie for thinking of us during such a hard time, and for allowing us to be part of celebrating Nieve and her wonderful life. Our condolences are with the family, and we hope that Nieve’s story inspires our readers, highlighting the impact a piece of equipment can have on enriching a child’s life, allowing them to create special moments and cherish memories that last a lifetime.

If you would like to donate, you can do so using the information below. You can make a donation online at, or from your mobile phone. Text SUNSHINE 5 to 70085 to make a one-off donation of £5, or EQUIPMENT 5 to make a recurring monthly gift of £5. Change the number to anything from 2 - 20 to adjust the amount you donate from £2 - £20.

Thanks for reading,

Sophie X



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