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Anyone who signs up to one of our 'Summer of Thrill-Seeking' events automatically receives 4 entries to our Thrill-Seekers Raffle!
Sunshine Skydive 2024 Artwork.png

The ultimate challenge for
thrill-seekers is here!

See full terms below.
Jump from 10,000 feet to support children with disabilities and terminal illness in our region.

Join us for our Sunshine Skydive this September and take on the challenge of a lifetime. 

We’re teaming up with Sky High Skydiving to deliver this unforgettable, exhilarating experience for one day only!


Jump from 10,000 feet in tandem with a fully qualified skydiver and endure a 30 second freefall through the sky and take in Durham’s surroundings as you parachute safely to the ground.

Minimum age 16 years old

Maximum weight is 94kg for women, 98kg for men

Take on this unforgettable experience alone, with friends, family or colleagues!

Discounted price when you fundraise

Saturday 14th September 2024
Peterlee Parachute Centre, DH6 2NH

Registration Fee: £75 
Fundraising Target: £300 (minimum)
The Sunshine Skydive is proudly facilitated by


The weight limit for tandem skydiving at Sky High is (fully clothed) 94kg for women, and 98kg for men. Your height and weight should be in proportion.​


The minimum age to skydive in the UK is 16. Under 18’s MUST have a parent or legal guardian to co-sign their forms, this can be done on the day or in advance. There is no upper age limit at all for tandem jumps, our oldest jumper was in his 90s.​


Tandem skydiving is open to most people, including those with some disabilities. We do need you to be able to be physically able to raise your legs for landing.


​All participants will be sent a British Skydiving F115-A – Student Tandem Medical Information and Declaration Form to fill out in advance. If you have no pre existing conditions or disabilities, you can sign the relevant form yourself: ​

If you have any current or former disabilities or health conditions, you’ll need to take a British Skydiving F115-B – Student Tandem Medical Advice Form to your doctor prior to your jump day.


We believe skydiving should be accessible to as many people as possible. If you are unsure if it’s suitable for you, or you need any adjustments, please contact us so we can put you in touch with the team at Sky-High for more information, or for an assessment.

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