Now more than ever we need your help.

These are extremely difficult and uncertain times and our families face more hardship now than ever before.
Our children can be immunosuppressed meaning they don’t have the ability to fight infection effectively. Our children can have severe respiratory conditions and breathing difficulties, many with tracheostomies that are at a high risk of infection. Our children may have neuro conditions which leaves them susceptible to further illness and Covid-19 poses an even greater risk.

Our children are some of the most vulnerable in society in right now. And we need you to help them.

Unfortunately, in these uncertain times we are unable to continue with our usual events and community fundraising initiatives, but our help is needed now more than ever. We rely solely on your support and generosity to provide our children with the specialist equipment they desperately need to live safely and comfortably.

If you are able to help children, right here in the North-East, please donate today. You can make a one off or regular donation on our website or through your mobile phone by following our text to donate code. Text SUNSHINE3 to 70085 to make a one of donation of £3.

Share and spread far and wide, every donation is vital right now.

Your only is our everything. Please, help us help them.


We are proud to work with so many inspiring organisations and indivduals across the North East who share our passion to enhance the lives of local children with disabilities, here are just a few of them...

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