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Spread a little sunshine with our *BRAND NEW* Schools project....

We're delighted to launch our brand-new Seeds of Hope Project that your school or organisation can get involved in to spread a little sunshine in support of disabled children across the North East.


Seeds of Hope is an engaging and educational project designed to complement your school's curriculum to support learning around the life-cycle of plants but also to teach children about diversity, inclusivity and equal opportunities. The project, which has been guided by a team of primary school educators, will provide new ideas and offer practical activities for key topics; across all year groups in your school. 


It is our aim that Seeds of Hope will be a celebration of our differences, because differences are what make us individual, and individuality is beautiful. Help us to create a more accepting and inclusive wider community for all children to learn, play and grow.

Upon registering, you will receive an exclusive Resource and Learning pack which is full of lesson, assembly and fundraising ideas as well the opportunity to join our LIVE virtual school assembly and download our Diversity Workshop.

Throughout the project we will be sharing pictures of all participating schools and organisations on our social media, webiste and weekly Newcastle Chronicle column so please email and tag us in your planting, growing, sunflower and fundraising pictures. 

Erin Todd
Seeds of Hope Lead

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