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A message from a mini sunshine

Hi Sunshine News Readers

Im Caleb and Im nine years old. I've been asked to be a guest writer for the Sunshine News this week and tell you about my life in lock down!

My Mam works for The Chronicle Sunshine Fund so I have been supporting the charity for over two years. I know about the work that the charity does and I am always happy to take part in fundraising events (Especially the running events!) and I have done some volunteering too. I think its really fun to get involved and Im happy that it helps other children too. Over the years I have met lots of the families who are involved with the Sunshine Fund and some of the kids are just like me so we always have lots to talk about.

Its been a long time since school closed, shops shut and sports finished and lots of things have changed. First of all My Mam and Dad seem to have forgotten about my bed time…..During lock down I've really missed doing normal things like going to school, seeing my family and playing football with my team. I was so happy to watch Bundesliga on TV last weekend, I hope the English Leagues start playing again soon. I love watching football nearly as much as playing it! For the 2.6 Challenge fundraising event my family sponsored me to do 26 keepie ups in our garden, I had to practice for days to get to 26 but I finally did it and managed to raise some money for the charity too.

Both my parents are still working through lock down so although they are at home with me and my big brother they are super busy doing their jobs. I think its funny to photobomb them when they are on video calls being all serious! My parents set me a home schooling schedule, which I first…. I've also been learning new skills like cooking my favourite things (I can make awesome pizza and cinnamon rolls now!) and helping out around the house. My Mam says these are valuable life skills! Shes been trying to get me to meditate too but I haven't tried that yet. I received lots of jig saw puzzles, crafts and art materials for Easter so I used these to help to support the #spreadingsunshine campaign. Lots of the houses in our street have decorated windows so my Mam has put my sunflowers in ours too. Each Thursday when we clap for our carers I try to find a new way of making noise so I can be the loudest in our street, I started off with pots and pans and this week I have a referees whistle. Lots of our neighbours set off fire works, play music and cheer loudly, I love Thursdays!

Ive been spending some of my time playing Fortnite with my school and football friends too. This has made me really happy as I can chat to them while we play and its kind of like we are hanging out together. My football coaches have also been setting challenges to make sure we stay fit ahead of the new season. My team and I have all registered to take part in this years Junior Great North Run to raise money for The Chronicle Sunshine Fund, I really hope the event still goes ahead in September. I absolutely love it. This will be my fourth year doing it and I want to beat last years time! Im going to do it every year and collect all the medals. My team mates have been doing the bleep test to train for this years event and we will all be raising sponsorship so we can help children like us get the stuff they need. We are all really competitive so I know we will be trying to beat each other in the race!

When lock down is over Im looking forward to going to the barbers as Dad has been cutting my hair and it has been pretty disastrous! I know that when lock down is over things will be different but what I will remember most about this time is how much I have laughed with my family and friends, beating my brother in garden penalty shoot outs and all the memes that my friends have sent me. I know Im very lucky.

On Sunday there's a really cool fundraising event happening on line and on the radio which our family will be taking part in. The Big Big Show are doing a 24 hour live Podcast. There's going to be fun games for kids and live music too. My Mam is excited about the bingo and the quiz (Because she always loses in the family quiz we do each Friday. My brother wins every week)! Have a look at the website and listen in from 4pm.

Hi to everyone at English Martyrs RC Primary School in Newcastle and also to Wallsend U10s Yellows. See you all again soon.

Caleb, aged 9