Be kind, be considerate, be aware.

Join us and say #ItsMySpace!

Enough is enough. Join us and help us speak out and raise awareness across the North East for #ItsMySpace, supporting parents and carers of children with disabilities to help them travel and park, easier and safer, without aggression or judgement.

We have been speaking to local families about their experiences when travelling with disabled children throughout the North East. We are staggered to learn of the negative experiences many of them have had while using public transport or when parking in a designated disabled parking bay. Some have been met with aggression, inappropriate questions and ignorance, we want to challenge stigma and misconceptions.

"There have been far too many experiences to mention, I've lost count of the times I've been tutted at, made to feel like a criminal or even approached aggressively for parking in a disabled bay. The worst thing is my son hears all of this and feels it’s his fault. It makes me so mad. I park in a disabled bay because my child uses a wheelchair and I need adequate space to get him in and out of our car safely. It’s not about free parking or being closer to the entrance of the supermarket it’s a necessity for safety. I clearly display the badges, I park considerably and basically mind my own business, I wish people would do the same!"    Gateshead Mum

As a small charity who makes a big impact, we want to raise awareness and ask the general public to show more consideration and kindness to disabled passengers and their families. Our aims include:

Giving a voice to vulnerable and underrepresented North East Families and raise awareness of the challenges and animosity they face.


Raising awareness that not all disabilities are visible and ask the general public to be more considerate of this.


​Recognising the importance of dedicated disabled parking and travel facilities in our region for the disabled community.

Disabled adults and parents of disabled children should not need to speak out or justify themselves to use the services and areas designed specifically for them. We want to highlight this issue in the era of Being Kind and ask you to think first, be aware and be considerate. You can support our campaign by:

Following TCSF on Facebook and Twitter and like, sharing and engaging with #ItsNotMySpace posts.


Be considerate when you park your own vehicle.


By being courteous and mindful that not all disabilities are visible.

Have conversations with your children, don’t avoid talking to them about disability and explain why the disabled car parking spaces and priority seats on public transport are so important.

Remember to check back regularly for campaign updates......

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Text SUNSHINE 5 to 70085 to make a

one-off donation of £5.

For more information on Text to Give or other ways to donate, click here.


Share your experience!
If you'd like to tell us more about your experiences of disabled travel and parking, please get in touch.

Thanks for supporting #ItsMySpace and sharing your experience with us.

Lauren Thompson
Digital Fundraising Manager

0191 201 6090



For all campaign queries or more information (including PR and media), please contact our campaign lead, Lauren.


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“When I got out the car, she shouted angrily “that's a disabled bay you're parked in you know?!” I just smiled and said “I know” but purposely took my time, getting my young daughters wheelchair out of the boot, she stopped glaring at me at this point!”   Newcastle Mum